For Immediate Release: March 06, 2006                                                                            

For further information contact:
Deb Hess , Director 1-800-468-3681

Inventor Resources: Reliable or Scam: Can you tell the difference?

Over a 5 year period, only 21 inventors out of 8,685 received more money back than they paid into an invention promotion firm, according to Deb Hess, Executive Director, Minnesota Inventors Congress, (MIC) quoting statistics from the Federal Trade Commission website. Any inventor who has developed an idea or invention to improve people's lives should consider investigating resources that will assist them in developing and marketing their new product. The MIC is a non-profit corporation, located in Redwood Falls, MN , and has been providing and directing inventors to reliable resources for the past 48 years.
The MIC operates a year round resource center that provides support in the product development process through a toll-free number, 1-800-468-3681.

         Minnesota inventors should be aware of the merits of the Minnesota Statutes 2003 Invention Services Act 325. The act requires invention promotion firms to disclose their success record with inventions; requires a standard form contract; and provides for a refund of the investment plus penalties if the promoter defrauds the inventor. The American Inventors Protection Act was also created to address inventor fraud. Contact the MIC to learn more about evaluating invention promotion firms.

          Inventors are encouraged to research resources before investing money in marketing an idea or invention they have created. In addition to the year round resource center, the MIC is sponsoring Invention EXPOsuretm 2006 on June 9,10 and 11, in Redwood Falls, MN. This weekend event provides a wonderful opportunity for an inventor to showcase their product; and receive feedback from the general public on their invention. Many successful inventors have used the MIC event to conduct a test market. You do not have to be an exhibitor to have access to the many consultants that participate in the event or to attend the Inventing Success Seminarstm. The Minnesota Inventors Congress's history of providing reliable professionals for potential inventors is of great significance in choosing how to continue with an idea.